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NEXYAD is a French high-tech company founded by two engineers Pierre DA SILVA DIAS and Gerard YAHIAOUI in 1995, which has developed innovative and proven methods for the processing of digital data, signals, and images. NEXYAD gathered a real Applied Maths Asset in their internal development tool NEXYAD Developer : 114 000 lines of C++ code, and more than 3,700 applied maths methods. The firm’s expertise is applied in 4 major demanding areas : Automotive & Transportation - NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation > Movie Industry - NEXYAD Visual Effects > Banking / Insurance, Marketing and Economics - NEXYAD Analytics > Testing systems and quality control - NEXYAD Testing > NEXYAD is member of French competitive clusters including Mov’eo and Pôle Media Grand Paris.  
Produits :

NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation developed software modules for ADAS and autonomous vehicle :

  • RoadNex : mono camera based detection on the lane, detection of the frontier of the drivable part of the road in the lane, detection of the surface of the drivable part of the road in the lane
  • ObstaNex : mono camera based detection of obstacles
  • VisiNex Onboard : visibility measurement in weather conditions (night, fog, rain, …)
  • SafetyNex : road safety/risk estimation 100% correlated to accidents

These modules are available in the following running environments :

  • PC Windows or Linux, as components of the framework RT-MAPS
  • Electronic Device of Automotive a Tier One Company (Nov 2015)
  • Smartphones (dec 2015)