Intempora TechDay

12 septembre 2018 / 8h45-18h / Paris (Pavillon Dauphine)

This one day event, free of charge, will allow you to learn and discover our latest products but also our roadmap for the future development of multisensor software applications. You could also meet our ecosystem of partners and users who worked with our products for differentlines of business such as energy, defense, mobile robotics, cognitive research, and of course ADAS and autonomous vehicles.

All of them are using our software solutions to develops applications which will operates in tommorow’s technologies.

Forerunner in mobile robotics since 2000, the Intempora team has contributed since its creation to the development of intelligent, connected and autonomous vehicles in France.  

In addition of the exhibition, 15 highly experts and speakers will be there to discuss and present the new challenges that engineers and developers are facing off in the automotive industry, especially in ADAS and automated driving. From rapid prototyping to embedded software in the most recent electronic architectures available on the market. To learn more about the program conference, please download the event program below.


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Key figures

  • 240msq of exhibition.
  • More than 10 booths dedicated to Robotics, HMIs, ADAS and automated driving.
  • 15 speakers and experts.
  • 3 demonstration vehicles.


Topics addressed 

  • Automotive application from rapid prototyping to deployment.
  • Algorithms (computer vision, machine learning, data fusion, driver monitoring, …)
  • Autonomous systems and electronic architectures.
  • Simulation and Virtual Driving.
  • Human machine interfaces. 
  • Testing and Validation.
  • Cloud based technologies, Big Data and video annotation.
  • Embedded Technologies and RTOS
  • Data logging, sensors

Intempora TechDay

Pavillon Dauphine Saint Clair

2 place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny 75116 Paris