Vestratis, fruit of a successful collaboration

With the consulting firm ENNODEV, met through the Mov’eo, the company SCODIAM (Paris area) was able to finalize the development of the Vestratis, hardtop for the Piaggio MP3 scooter, and begin marketing.

By creating SCODIAM in 2009, Marc Gauthier has focused on innovation to improve the comfort and protection three wheels drivers. He has imagined the Vestratis concept, a hardtop designed for the Piaggio MP3, the first three-wheeled scooter marketed. Two years of development were necessary to develop a demonstration prototype. The Vestratis is made of several elements: a wing shaped hull air in order to keep the aerodynamic performance of the scooter, a steel structure to which is attached a laminated glass windshield, borrowed from the traditional car and equipped with a wide scan wiper and finally an optional removable backrest for the driver.

To develop this innovative project, Marc Gauthier has used its own funds 350,000 and relied on an industrial partner supplier of the automotive sector, which funded a part of the industrialization. However, to finalize the product and launch industrialization, € 460,000 were missiong. “I went to see many business angels without success. And luckily, early July 2013, I met ENNODEV during a Mov’eo Ile-de-France Afternoonhe says.


“I went to see many business angels without success. And luckily, in early July 2013, I met ENNODEV during a “Mov’eo Ile-de-France Afternoon”, Marc Gauthier (SCODIAM)

The Parisian consulting firm especially contributes to finance start-up projects or SMEs obtaining funds through an industrial revitalization agreement. At the creation of his company, Marc Gauthier had thought to use this type of device, but his approach was unsuccessful. With the support of ENNODEV he was also able to participate in a revitalization project in Champagne-Ardenne (East of France) following a job-saving plan initiated by a local supplier. “We rehire some of its employees and a building of 500 sqm. We will set up in early 2015 a platform for quality control of parts, Vestratis assembly and logistics. Our research and commercial departments will remain in the Paris region”, said Marc Gauthier.

The company has received then € 250,000, partially under a loan from the Public Investment Bank (Bpifrance). Funding that will allow SCODIAM finalizing its product – the details of the design and technical adjustments – to deliver a first series of 50 scooters by mid-November. The Vestratis is marketed with Piaggio dealers or Yamaha or Peugeot second-hand Piaggio scooters’ dealers. Marc Gauthier already thinks to develop another version of the Vestratis for the new Piaggio MP3 model ABS / ASR and boot. His goal is to become in the medium term a key player in the market as a “scooter body designer”.