Mov’eo groups

Boost your turnover by playing as a team !


  • Support for the creation of SME clusters whose members are admitted based on their skills
  • Objective: to achieve additional turnover by submitting joint bids to all calls for tender or by finding new opportunities
  • Groups are supported by the Cluster and managed by members

The group enables SMEs and ETIs (intermediate-sized companies) to “hunt in packs” and to attract all the business that they could not capture alone. This may also enable them to complement their catalogue, diversify their activities, share prospecting costs, etc. The Group’s Strategy is decided collectively by its members: international orientation, sectoral diversification, etc. The theme of the group itself is chosen by its members.


The Mov’eo Cluster lends its support to the logistics of the group and provides an aid to its development:


  • Organization of one meeting per month between the members of a group,
  • Screening of business opportunities databases (AO, PAA etc. ), filtering by keywords and presentation of tender bids during monthly meetings,
  • Presence at shows (Cluster contribution to funding if at least 2 group companies wish to be present at a show),
  • Presentation of the group to the Leaders of Major Customers


«By acting as a group our value chain is expanded and we gain access to more and larger markets in France and abroad.»

Gérard Yahiaoui, CEO, Nexyad


Presentation of MOV’EO groupS:


logo_itsITS INFRA is a cluster of companies focused on Intelligent Transportation Systems and with a 20-year experience in the industry. Its members are renowned manufacturers and providers of state-of-the-art ITS devices and solutions. The expertise of its members and their presence worldwide allow ITS Infra to be a recognized provider of turnkey ITS solutions for road infrastructures and integrators worldwide.

More information on ITS Infra


logo_iniINI is a group of high tech small and medium size companies support by MOV’EO Cluster. The main technological area of INI goes from sensors and transponders to mechanical actuators covering mechatronics, electronics and power electronics, computer science, signal processing, visual analytics and data processing fields. INI is also able to deal with mechanical integration (design, prototyping…)

More information on INI


logo_adasADAS – Group of high-tech SMEs competitiveness cluster MOV’EO Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, dedicated to technology and active safety systems for information or assistance to the driver.

> More information on ADAS


logo_WATTSTORAGEWattStorage – The main technological area of WATT STORAGE goes from Module design, Architecture and Design Battery Pack, Systems conversion (converters, inverters, transformers …) to test of Safety and Security, vehicle integration and data collection.

> More information on WattStorage


Prodeo’s ambition is to offer production methods and tools to Production Unit Managers in order to measure and improve competitiveness, profitability, industrial organization and  employees well-being. These methods are based, in a  “factory of the future” logic on the process and enhancement of existing data or data specifically acquired.

> More information on Prodeo


The group is positioned in a process of accompanying industries to improve the performance of plastic parts and the addition of new functionalities. Plast’eo advises design office managers in the choice of materials and processes and assists in the design of their strategic products for their products.