Research, Labs & Academics

What we can do for you

Cluster membership’s included services

Develop your network & strengthen your visibility
  • Follow-up by a single contact person within the cluster
  • Access to the entire community of excellence within the cluster (+3,000 contacts), including major manufacturers, SMEs, etc.
  • Watch: you will receive all the news and major events of the ecosystem.
  • Let the French ecosystem know about you
    • Sharing your news & events on the cluster’s communication channels: website, newsletter (+5,000 suscribers), Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
    • Listing in the members’ directory
    • Dissemination of your innovation needs
    • Your products & solutions in the cluster’s Success stories Book
  • Priviledged access to events
    • Access to webinars and technology conferences
    • Access to plant tours, benchmarks + best practices
    • Preferential rates for the cluster’s major events, including B2B appointments
    • Preferential rates for training courses that are often unique on our territory.
    • Preferential rates to be present at the major trade fairs of the sector
    • Preferential rates for international missions (USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Korea, Japan…)
    • Attend & exhibit at the cluster’s annual convention
  • Strengthen your relationships with French local players: privileged access to our institutional partners & local authorities
    • Automotive & Mobility sector, State services, regions, local authorities…
  • Representation at the European Commission and in European associations
    • ex. EGVIA
Sustainable connections with the market & manufacturers
  • Reduce your invoice with Bulk Purchasing
    • Haxoneo: non-strategic shared purchasing platform + customer-supplier portal
    • ECG: electricity and natural gas purchasing groups, negotiation of electricity rate
  • Increase your knowledge of the market
    • Join our Thematic Expert Committees
    • Anticipate trends in the French Automotive & Mobility sector
      • Connecting schools & industrial major groups
      • Inovev platform: European Automotive Production Forecasts and Weekly World Automotive Market Analyses: free access to data and discounted rates for access to analyses
  • Placement of students in internships or apprenticeships
  • Access to employment for graduates
Joining innovation projects
  • Technology watch & project funding
    • Subscription to the Cl’eo technology watch platform
    • Europe watch notes (weekly)
    • Regional, national and European calls for projects
  • Support in setting up an R&D project (pilot or partner)
  • Participation in the cluster’s Open Innovation Challenges with experts from major groups
  • International missions: USA, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Singapore…
  • Connecting with our network of European and international partners
  • Representation at the European Commission
  • Enhance your expertise
    • You can join our committees of experts and manage the cluster’s technological themes.
Industrial & Operational Excellence
  • Supporting the competitiveness of the territory’s plants
    • Lean: supporting the development of lean manufacturing
    • Plant 4.0: using technology for greater efficiency
    • Process innovation: setting up new means of production
  • Workshops & animations / Industry of the future
    • Performance Meetings & Lean workshops
    • Meetings of different expert clubs: Lean & 4.0, Quality, Maintenance & Environment and Energy
    • Inter-industry meetings
  • Training & Consulting
    • +15 training sessions per year
      • Industry & Process
    • Company coaching allowing, each year:
      • The support of 30 companies
      • Support for 80 employees
      • 220 hours of coaching and training
      • 1,400 hours worked by employees, the equivalent of 40 work weeks
Setting up & financing training programmes
  • Anticipating tomorrow’s skills
    • Accreditation and active support from the cluster for the financing and setting up of your training courses.
    • Access to the mapping of key technologies in the automotive & mobility sector
    • Ensure the skills required to meet the future needs of manufacturers
  • Employment: optimizing the mobility of researchers and doctoral students, facilitating access to employment for students
    • Connection with potential employers: MAJOR GROUPS, SMEs, groups of SMEs…
    • Dissemination of your job offers within the network
    • Centralization of a “pool” of profiles for companies
    • Personalized search for PhD students & trainees for companies
  • Professional trainings
    • A catalog of professional training courses with preferential rates for members
    • Industrial and operational excellence, Industry 4.0, management, IoT…
    • You can suggest training courses