MOV’EO Skills

MOV’EO Skills aims to identify the necessary skills for the development of the cluster’s members and to meet their human resources needs:

    • Organization of campaigns to identify the needs of member companies
    • Networking between companies and national training institutions
    • Promotion of mobility business roles and training


    In 2013, three training courses were labelled by MOV’EO:

    • DRIVE ALL is the Driver in the Automotive Lighting Loop
    • Esitech : engineering School for Innovative Technologies, the creation of a school of engineering at Rouen University by agreement with the Rouen INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences), certified by the CTI (Master of Engineering Awarding Body) in the following specialist areas: Physical engineering and Life Technologies. 3 year training: recruitment at bac +2, diploma at bac +5. Physical engineering training supported by Mov’eo focuses on 4 areas: energy, materials, instrumental optics, scientific computation
    • MeSN: ESIX Normandy’s “Mechatronics and Mobile Systems”