Labelling a project

Increase your chances of obtaining public or private funding


Are you leading an innovation project which fits into one of our 6 key R&D areas and which meets the cluster’s objectives?


label-moveoPublic funding: the MOV’EO label is a powerful lever for access to funding


Public R&D project funders operate in two ways

  • According to a set schedule: as in calls for projects such as the FUI (Single Interdepartmental Fund) and the ANR (National Research Agency) etc.
  • By processing official requests for financing as and when they are received

These funders take account of the “Competitiveness Cluster” approach and prefer R&D projects to be labelled when considering their funding. Mov’eo offers bespoke support to its members to help them structure their project and maximize their chances of obtaining funding.


«­ Thanks to the support of Mov’eo, Key’Lib has been able to carry out – with the support of a specialist firm – a comprehensive analysis of its activity. This background work enabled us to rethink our strategy and to assess the financial requirements necessary for our growth. The result was an introduction to the Alternativa stock market where we managed to raise the capital required for our development. »

Henri Bacquet, Director general, KEY’LIB

label-EIPPrivate funding: the “EIP” label (Innovative Cluster Enterprises)


In 2013, € 8m in funds raised for the cluster’s SMEs that have been awarded the EIP label

  • ­A national mark of competitiveness clusters to recognise SMEs with high growth potential.
  • Easier access to private financing through increased visibility with capital investors
  • Since 2011, 10 MOV’EO SMEs have been awarded the EIP label




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