Develop your competitive edge with Mov’eo

moveo-imagine-mobility-arrows-growth-booster_website_2Mov’eo is a Mobility and Automotive R&D competitiveness cluster, which since 2006 has been mobilizing its energies at the service of its members to meet the objectives assigned by the State to competitiveness clusters: to foster the development of collaborative projects between members, to contribute to development in the regions of companies, in particular SMES, and to promote innovation in the sector.


Tomorrow will be mobile

Urban growth, use of public spaces, environmental and public health challenges, new mobility, new uses, digital revolution… The mobility of tomorrow needs to be cleaner, safer, more cost-efficient, more independent, and more connected.


A future we can invent together

In the face of the many technical, scientific and social obstacles set before it, future mobility needs people to work together and make use of all the skills found in the ecosystem.


Mov’eo – a booster for growth

A key partner in the mobility industry, Mov’eo is convinced that the future of mobility stakeholders in France depends on their ability to compete through innovation. Uniting one of the largest business communities for the mobility sector in France, and based in the scientifically and technologically advanced regions of Île-de-France and Normandy, Mov’eo is a unique network where each member can find the partners, clients and funding they need to transform their ideas into projects, and their projects into products or services, and bring them to the market.


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A unique network of partners


With 380 members, the Mov’eo Cluster is one of the largest French communities of innovation activity for products and services in the field of mobility. Major industrialists, cutting-edge SMEs, prestigious research organizations, national players and important agencies in the innovation ecosystem, European networks .



“­Mov’eo is a dynamic forum for the exchange of information, which brings added reputation value in the construction of collaborative R&D and industrial projects. ­»

Dominique Herrier, Deputy Director Transport, IFP Energies Nouvelles


«The strong point of the Mov’eo cluster is the excellent level of all of its member organizations. Not to mention the very strong shared values which create a form of solidarity­»

Bertrand Hauet, Executive Director of Scientific Partnerships, Renault


«­The cluster has been a very positive factor linking our laboratory with SMEs­»

Michel Parent, Scientific Advisor, INRIA


Enhanced access to funding


The Mov’eo competitiveness cluster’s mission is to facilitate access to public and private joint funding for your projects through labelling.


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Core values



A structure open to all R&D players: SMEs, large companies, research organizations, laboratories and academics.



The Mov’eo label is a guarantee of project quality, associated with the mobilization of recognized national and European actors and partners linked to the implementation of a demanding quality policy.



Concern for an optimum quality service for all cluster members regardless of their size.



A constant desire to contribute to the dynamism of the sector and to promote employment and growth