Smart Materials Summit

April 5th 2018 – Helmond (Netherlands)

Materials and design are an important element in product development within different sectors. The development and application of smart materials play an important role in societal challenges such as air pollution, global warming and the availability of energy. Lightweight materials is an example of ‘smart materials’ that accelerate the transition to zero-emission mobility.

Smart materials are relevant for all kinds of sectors, and in particular for the automotive industry. Through the development of smart materials, the automotive industry can tackle the social challenges. Besides the fact that these materials offer opportunities for companies, the development and processing into a final product for the manufacturing industry is a huge challenge. Single or as a composite whole.

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18:30     hrs         Dinner with Dutch and French Companies

21:00     hrs         End of Dinner



9:30       hrs         Registration

10:00     hrs         Opening by AutomotiveNL

10:15     hrs         Presentation of Mov’eo

10:45     hrs         Presentation of Dutch Association ION (surface treatment companies)

11:15     hrs         Presentation by Partners International Business France, cluster Materials

12:00     hrs         Lunch with Network possibilities

13:00     hrs         Presentation of French company (via Movéo)

13:30     hrs         Presentation of SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.

14:00     hrs         Presentation of Axxor BV

14:30     hrs         Coffee Break

15:00     hrs         Presentation of French Company (via Movéo)

15:30     hrs         Presentation of Solliance

16:30     hrs         Presentation of Airborne

17:00     hrs         Meet en match between companies

18:00     hrs         Drink with Network possibilities

19:00     hrs         End of Event

Holst Center

Holst Centre is an independent R&D center that develops technologies for wireless autonomous sensor technologies and flexible electronics, in an open innovation setting and in dedicated research trajectories. A key feature of Holst Centre is its partnership model with industry and academia based around roadmaps and programs. It is this kind of cross-fertilization that enables Holst Centre to tune its scientific strategy to industrial needs.

Holst Centre’s fundamentals are to contribute to answering global societal challenges in healthcare, lifestyle, sustainability and the Internet of Things. This is visible through the motivation of its researchers,  its different collaboration models and the choice of its research topics.

Holst Centre was set up in 2005 by imec (Flanders, Belgium) and TNO (The Netherlands) and is supported by local, regional and national governments. It is named after Gilles Holst, a Dutch pioneer in Research and Development and first director of Philips Research.
Located on High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Holst Centre benefits from, and contributes to, the state-of-the-art on-site facilities. Holst Centre has over 200 employees from some 28 nations and a commitment from more than 40 industrial partners.

Pentacon Engineering BV

Haarlem-based engineering firm Pentacon provides process analysis and optimization. We also take care of the design, engineering and realisation of complete machines, components and systems.

Having the right people is essential for every solution. It takes the creation of a multidisciplinary team, proper coordination and detailed knowledge.

We take responsibility for our designs. That’s why engineering firm Pentacon offers its clients the opportunity to have us carry out the realisation phase as well, following the analysis, design and engineering phase.

Do you require temporary capacity? Are you looking for experienced specialists who fit in seamlessly within your team? Pentacon is the right firm to turn to when it comes to the secondment of engineers.

Brightlands Materials Center

The materials of the 21th century

Polymeric materials protect our food in a safe way from being spoilt and thrown away. They make cars lighter, so they consume less fuel and emit less carbon dioxide. They conserve energy by insulating our houses or guiding light into our solar panels. New plastic technologies emerge, leading to solar cells or LED lighting in TVs, all based on polymers. Innovative processing technologies are being explored, such as 3D printing, also called Additive Manufacturing. Possibilities in future applications based on plastics are virtually endless.

Polymeric materials, or plastics, offer great opportunities for a large variety of new applications. For a sustainable world, a circular economy, and therefore the end-of-use of plastics based applications, is an important factor the Brightlands Materials center considers.

The world population will continue to grow in the 21st century to become nine billion by 2050. The need for new sustainable products and materials will grow with it as well. This asks for an efficient way of using and re-using materials. The Brightlands Materials Center will take up this responsibility and dedicate its research and development programs and other activities to a sustainable society.


As a global company with more than 120 years of expertise, UL works with customers and stakeholders to help them navigate market complexity. UL brings clarity and empowers trust to support the responsible design, production, marketing and purchase of the goods, solutions, and innovations of today and tomorrow. We connect people to safer, more secure, more sustainable products, services, experiences and environments – enabling smarter choices and better lives.

UL helps companies demonstrate safety, confirm compliance, enhance sustainability, manage transparency, deliver quality and performance, strengthen security, protect brand reputation, build workplace excellence, and advance societal wellbeing. Some of the services offered by UL include: inspection, advisory services, education and training, testing, auditing and analytics, certification software solutions, and marketing claim verification.

UL is a trusted partner of businesses, manufacturers, trade associations, international policy makers and regulatory authorities to help manage the safety, security and sustainability risks and complexities of today’s business environment. UL has created a global network of scientific and advisory experts who can help audiences across hundreds of industries and regions mitigate the uncertainty of global markets and minimize risks.

Polyscope Polymers BV

Polyscope is the global leader in research, product development, production and supply of styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) copolymers, compounds, aqueous solutions and styrene, maleic anhydride and N-phenylmaleimide (SMANPMI) terpolymers.

Polyscope offers a full spectrum of SMA and SMANPMI copolymers and compounds for engineering plastic and specialty chemical applications under the trade names XIRAN® and XIBOND™. The XIRAN® resins and XIBOND™ blend optimizers have a very broad molar mass range and a broad maleic anhydride variation. For engineering plastics the SMA/ABS based compounds have varying impact modification levels and glass fiber content. For specialty chemical applications Polyscope offers low molecular weight XIRAN® base resins and solutions that are chemically modified to meet customer needs.

Other Companies of Summit

Vereniging ION

Association Industrial Surface Treatment Netherlands (Vereniging ION) is the sector organization for anyone who is active in the surface treatment industry (contractors, suppliers, integrated companies).

Surface treatments include: chemical / mechanical pre-treatment, electroplating, enamelling, powder coating, (wet) varnishing, anodising, hot dip galvanizing, metal preservation, PVD / CVD, and much more.


SEKISUI S-Lec B.V. is a leading worldwide company in glass interlayer technology for the automotive and the architectural industry. Our S-LEC™ interlayer Film is applied to laminated glass in buildings and automobiles for safety, security and shielding. Forty years of continuous improvement of our glass interlayer technology have made us the leading brand for PVB interlayer film in the automotive industry.

We work closely with leading glass manufacturers and support them with strong resources. Because of excellent production facilities, advanced technology and a team of dedicated experts we can meet all our customers’ needs. Leading to a strong market position with high performance products and superior service.

Axxor BV

Paper honeycomb is the ideal core material for providing inside structure when light weight, strength and cost are key considerations. Applications include interior doors, furniture, automotive parts and packaging materials. It is a green product consisting out of all-natural  paper and water based glue.

New markets are created through substitution and combination.

Thinking out of the box can lead to revolutionary solutions by combining new and unexpected functions.”Flying to the moon’ was only possible by stepping out of existing frames.

Combining existing functions of materials in a smart way can create new products and open up new markets. Each market has its own dynamics.


The mission of Solliance is to create jobs. The research institute does this by continuously developing the latest PV technologies and making them available to companies. Solliance wants to connect the worlds of science and business in order to create a sustainable energy system. In this way, we are contributing to the climate goals set for 2020.

In concrete terms, Solliance contributes to the value chain of companies by developing high tech machinery and high quality PV material for panels and semi-finished products.

Combining forces in the area of ​​research into the next generation of solar cells. Solliance was founded with that goal in 2010. The research organisation is a joint venture of ECN, TNO, Holst Centre and imec. Together with the academic partners TU Eindhoven, University of Hasselt, TU Delft and Forschungszentrum Jülich, the research institutes can play a significant role in global research into the solar technology of the future.

The Solliance location has around 2,000 square metres of production space, with several test rigs for the production of thin-film PV modules. At the Solliance research location, science and industry work together to further improve the production processes. The building also includes an additional 1,800 square metres of offices and laboratories. All of this is at the service of R&D in the field of next-generation solar cells.


Airborne is a technology leader in advanced composites, specialized in the industrialisation of engineering and manufacturing of durable fiber reinforced composites for Space, Aeronautics and Marine industries. With our 20 years heritage in composites, we provide our clients with high-end composite solutions either directly through advanced manufacturing of components or by developing industrialisation packages which we implement at manufacturers of choice. Airborne’s focus is on high-end composite components, at high production rates at radically low conversion costs.

Producing composite parts for high-qualified products such as solar arrays, fuselages and rotor blades is, due to the delicacy of the material, mainly done by hand. As a result, composites are an expensive product. That is why we translate the fundamental assets of Industry 4.0 to our high-qualified composite manufacturing processes. We believe composites can be affordable for high-end markets such as Aeronautics, Space, and Marine, and Airborne has the capabilities to industrialize a broad range of composites manufacturing processes through the means of automation and digitization.

Automotive Campus

Automotive Campus 30
5708 JZ Helmond

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