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Smart energy solutions for transport

June 14th 2016 - Brussels

Several important EU policies and activities aim to decarbonise transport in the years to come. Within the Energy Union, further actions will be taken to create the right market conditions for an increased deployment of alternative fuels and to further promote procurement of clean vehicles.

Moreover, Member States, as part of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive implementation, are now developing National Policy frameworks, to ensure that the necessary refueling infrastructure is put in place. In addition, the White Paper for transport aims to halve the use of conventionally-fuelled cars in urban transport by 2030 and to phase them out in cities by 2050.

Achieving these goals will require that innovative mobility solutions are developed in conjunction with new energy storage concepts and technologies. A new cooperation model will also be key to achieve transport decarbonisation at the local level. Different EU programmes and projects already recognize this need (e.g. “smart cities and communities” programme).

Which specific solutions have to be designed today to anticipate the future developments of decarbonised transport? What kind of concrete projects are currently set in the field of clean energies for transport?

In such a perspective, Polis and ERRIN organise a seminar on “Smart Energy Solutions for Transport” to discuss how to better anticipate the future challenges. The seminar is organised along with interactive discussions between the panelists and the audience with the participation of the European Commission.

Tuesday 14 June 14.00 - 15.30

Brussels, Belgium
Charlemagne, Jenkins
Ile-de-France Europe