SIMBIO-M Conférence 

June 20th & 21st 2016

Arts et Métiers ParisTech - PARIS (13ème)


This conference is organized every other year, aiming at introducing new technologies, advances and tools in the fields of Biomechanics and Biomedical engineering. As usual our focus is on research and in particular introduction of young researchers into the applications world which is why this particular edition will include many industrial applications as well as more traditional research topics presented by our keynote speakers.

In particular the following topics will be considered:

- Topic 1 « Towards an intelligent human model »

Keywords :

  • Active human modelling,
  • Reflex modelling,
  • Human models for population modeling
  • Personalisation,
  • Reduced models

- Topic 2 « Design of Individual Protection Devices»

Keywords :

  • Virtual Human models,
  • Vulnerable road users,
  • Sports and everyday life loading conditions,
  • Injury mechanisms and criteria,
  • Personalisation tools,
  • Efficiency evaluation/scoring
  • Standards/Regulatory tests

- Topic 3 « Meso Modelling of the rupture – Application to living tissues and Structure »

Keywords :

  • Rupture Modeling,
  • Post rupture behavior,
  • Meso scale,
  • Tissues,
  • Sub-structure of the human Body

- Topic 4 « Human Personalisation and Macro Modelling of Trauma »

Keywords :

  • Trauma indices and computer methods
  • Dummy developments
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Scaling, morphing and personalisation methods
  • Transport active and passive safety Systems (vehicle architecture, deployable systems …)
  • Transport Restraint systems (airbags, seatbelts etc…)
  • Internal organ modelling
  • Prothesis

Dr. Eng. Tsuyoshi Yasuki

Toyota Motor Corporation
Project general manager
Advanced CAE Division


Richard Breeze BSc 

Central Motorway Police Group

Senior Collision Investigator
Forensic Collision Investigation Team


François Faure




Dr.rer.pol  Armin Keivandarian

Opta data Gruppe

Head of Data & Market Analysis

20th  June 2016

8h30-9h00 - Registration  
9h00-9h10 - Welcome message / KEYNOTE 1  
9h10-9h50 KEYNOTE 1 :  Dr. Eng. Tsuyoshi Yasuki, 

Project general manager                    Advanced CAE Division

Toyota Motor Corporation Development of THUMS V4 family and its application to automotive safety research at Toyota
Session 1 - ENSAM "Meso Modelling of the rupture – Application to living tissues and Structure"
9h50-10h20 A.C.Stamou*, J.M.Buick** *Centre for Mobility and Transport, Coventry University
**School of Engineering,  University of Portsmouth, UK
Modelling stenosis development in the carotid artery at the early stages of stenosis development
10h20-10h50 A. Roux*,

J. Lecompte*,

I. Iordanoff**,

S. Laporte*

*Institut de Biomécanique Humaine Georges Charpak, Arts et Métiers, Paris, France
**Institut de Mécanique et d’Ingénierie, Arts et Métiers, Bordeaux, France
Model of calf muscle tear during a simulated eccentric contraction. A feasability study
10h50-11h20 BREAK and visit booths
11h20-11h50 D. Subit*,**,

X. Antonicelli*,

R. Toubiana Meyer*, B. Sandoz*,

S. Laporte*

*Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers, Institut de Biomécanique Humaine Georges Charpak, France

**University of Virginia, Center for Applied Biomechanics, USA

A parametric finite element model of the human rib for fracture prediction
11h50-12h20 M Prot*,

S Laporte*


*LBM/Institut de Biomécanique Humaine Georges Charpak, Arts et Métiers ParisTech, France How to generate 3D realistic cancellous bone specimens from micro-structure parameters obtained with tomography?
12h20-12h50 E.J. Varghese,

M.J. Turner,
O. Razmkhah,

C. Bastien,

M. Orlowski

Centre for Mobility and Transport, Coventry University, UK Development of a Pulsatile Fontan Assistive Device
12h30-13h50 LUNCH
Session 2 -  COVENTRY - "Human Personalisation and Macro Modelling of Trauma"
13h50-14h30 KEYNOTE 2 : Sgt 2205 Richard Breeze BSc (Hons) LCGI Senior Collision Investigator Forensic Collision Investigation Team Central Motorway Police Group, UK How computer modelling of humans can provide the missing links
14h30-15h00 M. Orlowski,

C. Bastien;

O. Razmkhah

Centre for Mobility and Transport, Coventry University, UK Application of human computer models in modelling of maritime crash
15h00-15h30 D. Fressmann DYNAmore GmbH, Germany Positioning Human Models using Geometric Modification Procedures
15h30 - 16h00 BREAK and visit booths
16h00-16h30 J. Vychytil*,

M. Beaugonin**

*New Technologies – Research Centre, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic

**ESI Group, France

Reconstruction of low-velocity pedestrian accident with VIRTHUMAN model
16h30-17h00 S. M. Abdennadher ALTAIR, France RADIOSS Thor-M FE model : A frontal impact dummy model with advanced capabilities of injury prediction
17h00-17h30 S. LeCorre, D. Salin, K. Kayvantash, CADLM, France Fast, parametric, reduced models for biomechanics design applications
17h30-18h30 Laboratory visit - Booths visit
20h00 Gala Dinner

21st June 2016

Session 3 - CADLM - "Analytics, Intelligent human models and new concepts in injury assessment"
9h00-9h30 KEYNOTE 3  : Dr.rer.pol  Armin


Head of Data

& Market Analysis

opta data Gruppe From Scientific Innovation to the clinical Application: Pitfalls and potentials for Market Access to the Health Care System in Germany
9h30-10h00 O Martynenko*,**,

A Bayer*,**,

D Häufle*,**,

M Günther*,

S Schmitt*,**

*Institute of Sports and Movement Science, University of Stuttgart, Germany, **Stuttgart Research Centre for Simulation Technology, University of Stuttgart, Germany Active human motion modelling: single-joint and multi-joint movements
10h00-10h30 D. Salin*, **,

P.J. Arnoux**,

K. Kayvantash*,

M. Behr **

*CADLM, France,

**IFSTTAR, France

Integration of Sensory and Motor Loops into a Finite Element Biomechanical Model for Movement Control Application
10h30-11h00 BREAK and visit booths
11h00-11h30 J. Peres Partnership for Dummy technology and Biomechanics, Germany Towards an HBM specific injury risk curve predicting pelvic fractures in side Impact
11h30-12h00 L Wen,

C. Bastien ,

M. Orlowski,

C. Neal-Sturgess

Centre for Mobility and Transport, Coventry University, UK Study on the Relationship of Power and Abbreviated Injury Scale
12h00-12h30 K. Kayvantash CADLM, France A new enthropy based  approach for injury assessment
12h30-13h30 LUNCH
Session 4 - IFSTTAR - "Design of Individual Protection Device"
13h30-14h10 KEYNOTE 4 : François Faure                            CEO ANATOSCOPE, France Automatic Personalization of Biomechanical Models
14h10-14h40  W. Wei*,

M. Behr*,

C. J.F. Kahn*

*IFSTTAR/Aix-Marseille Université, France Blood fluid dynamics simulation in the aorta-heart system with fluid-interaction methods
14h40-15h10 A. Kollia*,

L. Bouten*,

L. Navarro**,

S. Avril**

*Decathlon SportsLab, France, **Centre Ingénierie et Santé, Mines Saint Etienne, France How to compare morphologically 3D scanned heads for helmet design ?
15h10 - 15h40 BREAK and visit booths
15h40-16h10 P. G. Young*,**,

Ross Cotton**,

Siddiq Qidwai***,

Amit Bahchi***, Nithyanand Kota***

*Department of Engineering, University of Exeter, UK **Simpleware Ltd., UK, ***U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, USA Developing a 3D Head Model for Impact Studies
16h10-16h40 C. Deck,

D. Sahoo,

N. Bourdet,

J. Nadarassa,

R. Willinger

University Starsbourg, ICUBE and CNRS, Strasbourg, France New experimental vs numerical helmet test methods
16h40-17h10 A. Scattina*,

F. Mo** ***,

C. Masson ***,

M. Avalle*,

P.J. Arnoux ***

*Politecnico di Torino, Italy,

**Hunan University, China,

*** IFSTTAR/Aix Marseille university, France

Influence of passenger vehicles front-end design on pedestrian leg injuries

17h10-17h40 G. De La Rosa*,** ,

M. Romann*,** ,

PJ Arnoux*,

L. Badih**, M. Behr*

*IFSTTAR/Aix Marseille University, France, **Glad Medical,  France About the influence of loading conditions on the mechanical performances of dental implants

SIMBIO-M Conférence

Arts et Métiers ParisTech

155, boulevard de l’Hôpital

75 013 PARIS



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CADLM développe des Modèles prédictifs de métiers à base de simulations numériques, les analyse et transforme les résultats numériques en rapport technique, expertise en "modèle de métier" (CAO, maillage, analyse). CADLM développe des modèles avancés (véhicule, structure complexe, composant, biomécanique). CADLM organise des formations techniques (éléments finis, crash, safety, CFD, modélisation matériaux, optimisation, analyse de fiabilité et robustesse).

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