The Franco-German conference on Hydrogen…

… will be held in Paris (MESRI, 25 rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève, 75005 Paris) the 22nd of October 2018.


With this joint conference on hydrogen, MESRI and BMBF want to boost hydrogen-related energy research on the European level.

Hydrogen from sustainable sources is vital to implement the Paris Climate Agreement, to secure and stabilize a safe and sustainable power supply in Europe, and to transform key sectors and industries towards a green economy. Hydrogen is not only a highly flexible base for innovative, low-carbon renewable energy solutions such as fuel cells and synthetic fuels, but also indispensable for industrial processes and an important solution for storage of intermittent power production.

MESRI and BMBF want to foster mutual understanding between French and German scientific as well as economic stakeholders, explore the possibilities of cooperation and joint research efforts, show the potential of research capacities in both countries and highlight the technological, economical and regulative challenges of sustainable hydrogen and the low-carbon solutions based on this.

Online registration is free of charge, but mandatory :