Mobility of the future: 
Transportation-focused skills development and training


The challenges and stumbling blocks for future mobility are hot topics and significant changes are expected to come over the next thirty years. The purpose of SKILLFUL is to identify and mitigate future impacts on transportation sector jobs.

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Mobility of the future

The Assessing future requirements for skills and jobs across transport modes and systems call for projects comes as part of the research and innovation-focused European HORIZON 2020 funding programme.


SKILLFUL’s purpose is to fund preliminary activities leading up to the establishment of a skills plan at European level. Mobility never stops evolving to respond to new challenges every year. These changes create new stumbling blocks since they directly impact the jobs sector, causing certain careers to disappear altogether. Essentially, we are helping new business models to emerge as the digital switch-over gradually takes hold and new mobile applications and services appear.


As part of the SKILLFUL project, the objective of Mov’eo and the entire consortium is to research the transportation (road, maritime, rail and air) jobs sector within Europe in a bid to understand the changes on the horizon. They basically want to find out which skills are going to emerge or, as the case may be, disappear. In terms of careers, we are similarly interested in identifying those that will be in increasingly higher demand and those that will have to evolve to adapt to new markets.


Alongside these studies, the consortium also has the task of mapping all existing training (at all levels) within the European transportation sector and then cross-referencing the list of existing training with the development prospects for careers in transportation, so as to enable the development of new training initiatives that prepare workers for the future of mobility.


Consortium: a representative panel of the European Union

Mov’eo’s competitiveness unit is the only French representative in this European consortium made up of twenty-one partners from different organisations (Clusters, institutes, research centres, universities, etc.) working in the areas of mobility and innovation. The mutual support and diversity of these bodies will enable us to build a large-scale project on the basis of the feedback we receive from all four corners of the European Union over the course of this thirty-six month project.


Information & contact

For any additional information on the Skillful project:

Sébastien Aubron