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Stumbling blocks, challenges and prospects of collaborative projects for Mov’eo’s SME members

The European MobiGoIn project (Mobility Goes International) can enable SME members of Mov’eo’s four European clusters to take their businesses global by providing customised support.





Mobility of the future: 
Transportation-focused skills development and training

The challenges and stumbling blocks for future mobility are hot topics and significant changes are expected to come over the next thirty years. The purpose of SKILLFUL is to identify and mitigate future impacts on transportation sector jobs.




ICCar Impact Connected Car, Un accélérateur pour l'industrie du véhicule connecté

It is a driver of growth for the connected vehicle industry

The European INNOSUP initiative aims to develop new cross-sectoral industrial value chains across the European Union by harnessing the innovative potential of SMEs. The call for projects was launched by the European Commission in 2015 via the H2020 programme. The Impact Connected Car (ICCar) project – in which Mov’eo is a partner – was approved and initiated in May 2017.





Its goal is to bridge the gap between autonomous vehicles and users.

New technological developments in the area of transportation are enabling continuous improvement with regard to the safety, efficiency, sustainability and comfort of these vehicles. Advances in vehicle automation mean that, in the not-so-distant future, we will be seeing vehicles that require minimal human input out on our roads. However, this paradigm shift brings its fair share of technological and non-technological challenges, too. These obstacles must be overcome if autonomous vehicles are to be introduced successfully.