Mov’eo actively supports its members in their R&I and business development initiatives beyond our borders. Not only within Europe, but across the wider world. The Mov’eo team is highly conscious of its members’ needs particularly when it comes to their desire to expand abroad. This is why we choose destinations carefully, basing our decision on which markets are opportune as well as our members’ individual wishes.

Mov’eo regularly organises partnership-forging expeditions to Asia, North America and beyond. These events are custom-designed to maximise the number and diversity of local contacts that members are introduced to, encourage networking and kick start new collaborative relationships and new projects. Typically, “wider world” expeditions are organised to coincide with international events such as trade shows and conferences.



It’s our members who talk about it best…


jochen“Mov’eo’s competitiveness unit brings a brand image internationally
to large groups & SMEs”

Jochen Langheim
Vice-President Systems R&D Projects, STMicroelectronics


Do you dream of going global? Do you want us to organise an expedition with a particular focus or country in mind? Would you like Mov’eo to design a targeted service to support you in your internationalisation efforts? Or provide a recommendation?

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will answer shortly