Join Teedji an iOS or Android Dev

You are looking for a job? Want to get in a top of the art startup? You are motivated as never? Well, you are at the good place!

Who we are


Teedji is one of the current most promising startups

Now that we will soon be supported by an investment fund animated by the idea of skyrocketing our activity, we are seeking to build our primary team.  With a market aim of more than 2.5 million students in France over the next two years, and strong internationalization politics, you will participate in the success of Teedji as the first social network based on everyday commutes.

Teedji benefits from a fabulous advantage over the urban mobility market given by the intelligence of our algorithms and the innovation of our business model, which are the tools to success of our 100% free to use carpooling service, and give us the chance of standing out from our competitors. Economical, social and green at once, the service uses top of the art technology to earn its place among people habits.


By being part of our team:


  • You will have the pleasure of living and working with dynamic, talented and super motivated people in an environment in constant evolution.
  • You will participate in the globalization of a smart and social transportation system with a strong impact on society.

“We are on the track of creating the world of tomorrow. Moreover, rather than simply trying to surpass our objectives and challenge ourselves, rather than just gathering skilled and efficient people, Teedji is a bound family that fully lives each moment of its extraordinary adventure.”


But that is not it, here is more of why you should join us:


  • Fun and performing: You will work for a startup that is both promising and motivating
  • Challenge: You will have the opportunity to progress in a startup that always grows faster and faster
  • Knowledge sharing: We strongly believe that knowledge takes its true meaning in being shared we others
  • Being sponsored: Your arrival will be marked by a welcoming session where one of the team members will become your sponsor
  • Discoveries: All over the year, you will be able to participate to many events. But there is more, you will have the opportunity to participate in a trip to a cool destination where strong bounds will be created. For there cord, the name“Teedji” is the conclusion of long, very deep thinking. So why this name? Well… only some privileged ones and the members of our family know the true reason! The best way to know, join us!
    Teedji is building an application that will revolutionize the way you move around the city! To fulfill this ambition, you will join an agile, intersectional team that will be the epicenter of Teedji.
What you will contribute to


  • Build the best mobile app with a very short responsive time, reliable, scalable, and with the smoothest experience for our users
  • Share your knowledge of guidelines and best practices with the team and other actors in charge of the UX
  • Participate in the writing of automated tests for the developed versions of the app
  • Participate, if necessary, in the development of useful Tools and applications for the project
What you will need to be successful


  • If a Java world or a Swift world existed, you would be in one of them
  • Facultative but appreciated: You have experience with Firebase, Google APIs andVeery
  • You can maintain a highly responsive system by ensuring code quality, stability and scalability from inception to execution
  • You like to get things done. A problem partially solved today is better than a perfect solution next year. Have an idea during the night? Code it in the morning, push it at noon, test it in the afternoon and deploy it the nextmorning
  • You are an out of the box thinker, assertive and a positive contributor to the decision making process and team roadmap
  • A startup mentality where iterating fast and delivering with quality is key to the success of the project
  • Eager to learn newthings and to share your skills with the other team members


A few practical détails about the role


Start: May2017;

Location: Paris;

Contact: Permanent contract(CDI);

Compensation: 30k€-65k€ based on experience.


What we offer to all our employees


A full startup adventure

The opportunity to work (and not work) at anytime you want

Challenging career opportunities in a high-growth and fast-paced environment

Weekly team events

The choice between one of the latest Mac or PC equipment

An inspiring working environment

Annual Teedji Break which takes us all for an unforgettable weekend





38 Rue de Bassano

+33 7 83 28 12 32