Normandy: la Manche bets on hydrogen

The Manche - in Normandy - continued its investment in hydrogen by regularly innovating. In 2017, it launched the BHYKE project, aimed at testing around twenty hydrogen bicycles spread over the territories of Saint-Lô and Cherbourg (experiment closed at the end of October 2019), today with the construction of [...]

Improve the quality of your products with SERMA Technologies remote auditing

In the current context, SERMA Technologies has developed a specific remote offer to reduce the risks of failure linked to the assembly process. Objective: to improve the quality of your electronic products. Method : technological analysis of a product and e-audit (remote audit). Duration: 3 weeks upon receipt of the product (depending on the availability of your suppliers). Team: process experts, reliability, SERMA laboratory analysis.

Study – Competitiveness clusters: what results since 2005?

The French competitiveness cluster policy has been the subject of several impact studies that have focused on its ability to encourage companies to invest more in R&D. However, this policy also aims to develop partnership relations between public and private players to strengthen synergies that are conducive to the creation of wealth and jobs. Evaluations carried out to date have barely addressed this second, yet central, objective.

Franco-German pitches: 20 participants, and contacts already established!

Mov’eo, in cooperation with the Elektromobilität Süd-West cluster (in Germany), organized a Franco-German pitching session on July 7th in order to encourage the emergence of collaborative projects that meet the needs of our members. Mov’eo, a dynamic pole in Europe and abroad, at the service of its members For several years, Mov’eo has been developing […]

Calling Europe’s innovation leaders to join the EIT Governing Board

Are you a leading academic, innovator, entrepreneur or researcher looking for an opportunity to help Europe recover from the crisis through innovation?

A new European Project for Mov’eo : Hi Ecowire

Mov’eo with 11 partners are winner of the last Interreg call with the HI ECOWIRE Project ! This project is coordinated by Materia Nova for 3 years. HI Ecowire abstract : Enameled copper wire (annual production of 100 000 tons in NWE) is used for transformers and electric motors. Materials technologies are facing increasing environmental […]

RECiPE4Mobility: automotive & mobility clusters at the service of SMEs throughout Europe!

The partners of RECiPE4Mobility, a new European project coordinated by Mov'eo, invite you to discover the added-value services offered by automotive & mobility clusters to their members, especially SMEs.

Eurostars, a great opportunity for R&D-performing SMEs, universities, and research organisations

The next cut-off date for the Eurostars programme is scheduled for 3rd September. Let's dig into this programme, co-funded by the EUREKA initiative and the European Commission, and which supports R&D-performing SMEs but also universities and research organisations.

The French Automotive and Electronics Sectors join forces to form a French team of power electronics

The French Automotive and the Electronics sectors are joining forces and have completed the first Power Electronics Week which took place from 6 to 10 July 2020: 6 webinars and half a thousand players mobilised throughout the week and 23 projects presented, all of a very high standard. The challenge for both sectors is to mobilize a true French power electronics team, with the ambition of creating French leadership in these technologies.

INTonomous : a new project for the internalisation of autonomous driving actors !

A new project for Mov’eo and its SMEs !  Ready for USA, Canada, and United Arab Emirates   The European project INTonomous (COSME, Clusters Go International), coordinated by Mov’eo, has just been selected for funding by the European Commission and will start next September.  The aim of INTonomous is to generate strategic European value chains […]

European Commission announces an unprecedented €750 billion recovery plan

Mov’eo, together with the other Auto/Mobility clusters and the French automotive sector, has strengthened its presence in Brussels with the presence of Mathilde Ruiz, our VIE, who represents us and you there. Mathilde offers our members weekly watch notes on what’s happening in Brussels, on the subjects of Innovation & Mobility & Europe… a few […]