Search for contractors to realize 30 one-off international watch missions for Paris region SMEs, for Mechanical, Aerospace and Automotive sectors

In a difficult economic context, the State and the Paris region have decided to support their industrial SME-SMI and jointly launched an industrial plan for the benefit of aeronautics, automotive and mechanical engineering industries. This initiative, with the support of competitive clusters and consular networks will help to lead strategic actions for the development and growth of SMEs, in a multi-market environment, able to accompany their diversification.


Since January 2013, the firms of the Paris region in the aeronautics, automotive and mechanical engineering sectors can benefit from a number of initiatives.

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Mov’eo is a partner of the Plan Industries Île-de-France, and as the Automotive sector head will lead a new action plan :

Download  Action Plan specifications (French – Word)


Deadline for receipt of tenders : November 17th 2014, 2 pm

Hearing date of  preselected candidates : December 2nd (afternoon), Paris



Action carried out the Paris region Industrial Plan framework :