KIC InnoEnergy : Call for Innovation Proposals

If you have a business idea linked to Sustainable Energy and concept proven that you want to commercialise, but need complementing business and financing support, this initiative is for you.

What are the KIC InnoEnergy Innovation Projects?

KIC InnoEnergy is an organisation that brings together education, research and industry to boost sustainable energy and related technology innovations across Europe. We support research institutions, companies and universities with the last stage of the go-to-market process for innovative sustainable energy products and services. We help organisations to create public-private consortia that have the ability to take high-potential ideas to the market faster and more effectively, and offer significant financing schemes.

Our partnership approach is specifically geared at developing lab ideas in order to launch them into markets as viable commercial products. We will assist you in finding the right partners for the creation of your product or service.

KIC InnoEnergy is funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) with 27 shareholders, all of whom are key players within the energy field, from top rank of industries, research centers and universities. It provides the protection you need against the usual barriers such as IP protection, relevant expertise from partners, talent poaching or lack of test processes.



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Benefits of participation
  • Stable collaboration, business-oriented framework for open innovation.
  • European partnership specialised in sustainable energy, involving top actors in the field.
  • First customer for your product within our European network.
  • Clear IP rules and other business support mechanisms.
  • Flexible & professional management programme.
  • Technology improvement and access to new technologies.
  • Access to new markets.
  • Faster go-to-market process.
  • Substantial KIC InnoEnergy funding, that hedges the risk of your investment.
Who can apply?

KIC InnoEnergy innovation projects are open to public-private consortia which currently has an innovative technology project and are looking to accelerate the deployment of their lab idea into a marketable product.

Eligible consortia must fulfil the following conditions:
  • Have an innovative product or service in the late development stage, and aiming at one of the following goals: Decreasing energy cost, increasing security in relation to the resource holders, Increasing operational safety or reliability, reducing green-house gas emissions.
  • Have successfully achieved the proof of concept (pilot or type test validation).
  • Must gather 3-7 European partners from both the research and industry sectors.
  • At least one company commercialising the product or service must be involved in the consortium since the beginning.
  • The consortium needs to be made up of partners from at least two different countries.


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