Generic Calls for Projects 2015 – National Research Agency

The French National Research Agency (ANR) launched its generic call for projects in 2015, open to all disciplines and all types of research, from the most academic projects up to applied research in the context of partnerships with companies including SMEs and micro businesses.

Targeted scientific and thematic fields by this call for projects, underlying financing instruments and project evaluation procedures are described in detail in the 2015 ANR action plan.

The evaluation process of the generic call for projects takes place in two steps :

  1. The first step consists in submitting (online) a pre-proposal of five pages. This pre-proposal will be evaluated as described in the Applicant’s guide.
    CAUTION: to benefit from the assistance of Mov’eo for your ANR project and to request a label, it is strictly necessary to contact the cluster at this early stage and tick the “Mov’eo” box at this stage of pre- proposal.
  2. The coordinators of the pre-proposals selected at the end of this first stage will be invited to submit a detailed proposal that will be evaluated in the second phase as described in the applicant guide.
Key dates
  • Closure for submitting pre-proposals: October 16th 2014 1 am (Paris time).
  • Closing for pre-registration of collaborative research projects International (PRCI): November 18th, 2014, 1 am (Paris time).
  • Closure for submitting detailed proposals (for coordinators invited to submit a full proposal): end-March 2015.

Additional informations

For more information, please consult the French National Research Agency : contact us directly.