The international scale according to our SMEs

The international scale according to our SMEs

Overview of our SMEs’ needs and interests


Since last January, Mov’eo has been  contributing to Mobility Goes International project (MobiGoIn) of which the ultimate goal is to support SMEs from 4 European clusters in going international thanks to customised support within the Smart Mobility sector.


As part of this project, Mov’eo carried out several studies aiming to identify the consortium member needs in relation to their strategy towards the global scale. The impediments and key markets were determined through SME interviews.


Some of the results
This analysis demonstrates that 74,6% of SMEs are already developing some international actions. Nevertheless, 75% of them don’t have any export services and only 26,6% consider it as an obstacle regarding their internationalisation strategy. Regarding their geographical orientation,  75% of the SMEs which already approached global markets are going towards fast growing markets.


On the contrary,  25,4% of the SMEs which responded to our study are not developping any international activities. On one hand, this is due to limited human and financial resources but also because of lack of information about their targeted markets and their business opportunities.


78,9% corresponds to the  companies who haven’t reached the global scale but who  would like to.


 This statistic analysis thus reveals our members’ interests and the necessity for them to go international.


Pole Mov’eo wants to work further on this process and seeks to implement suitable services.

For any further information, please contact Vinciane MEROUX : | | @mobigoin | #mobigoin