Report on ADAS mission in Stuttgart

Report on the ADAS mission in Stuttgart (05/29/2019)


On the 29th of May 2019 was held a cooperation day in Stuttgart between French and German companies around the topic of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). The one-day mission was organised within the framework of the partnership signed between Mov’eo and e-mobil Baden-Württemberg back in November 2018 (on the occasion of the Imagine Mobility Meetings 2018).

Throughout the day, Mov’eo and e-mobil BW managed the exchanges between the Groupement ADAS and the German Working Group ‘Intelligent Move’. Both clusters intervened too, alongside Baden-Württemberg International, Bpifrance and AiF Projekt GmbH.

The main objective for French participating SMEs was to familiarise with the Baden-Württemberg mobility ecosystem and, most importantly, to initiate concrete collaborations with the German stakeholders met. 


The event was organised in different sessions:

  • The morning was dedicated to the presentation of the e-mobil BW cluster (cooperation with Mov’eo, facts & figures, ongoing ADAS projects, etc.) followed up by an insight into the Baden-Württemberg current mobility trends, by Baden-Württemberg International.
  • After the presentation of the Central Innovation programme for SMEs by Bpifrance and AIF Projekt GmbH, a networking lunch was set up for further informal exchanges.
  • Second part of the day allowed each participant to present their structures, products and/or services. A round table workshop dedicated to highly automated driving took place, addressing two technical sub-topics:
  1. Conception, simulation and testing of ADAS systems
  2. Embedded systems, vehicle communication and artificial intelligence


Mission & takeaways: 

From the outset, Wolfgang Fischer stressed the importance of the strategic partnership between e-mobil BW and Mov’eo. He then explained the situation of the Electric Mobility Cluster in the South-West region of Germany and highlighted valuable ongoing projects. The German cluster now regroups four industrial sectors and 150 members. These four strategic fields are set up with the aim to work on future transport technologies: electric vehicles, energy, ICT and technology production. 

Baden-Württemberg is among the most advanced regions worldwide when it comes to autonomous driving testing and research. Thanks to Heike Passauer from Baden-Württemberg International, participants could better understand the wide business opportunities that the region concentrates.

Last morning timeslot was dedicated to the presentation of R&D funding programmes (Bpifrance and ZIM). On the French side, Maël Mbaye spoke about the support in innovation provided by Bpifrance as a public investment bank. On the German side, Georg Nagel from AIF Projekt shed lights on the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs – ZIM – which also supports SMEs towards international R&D cooperation. Even though the characteristics & process of each funding programme is different, the principle remains the same: boosting SMEs to the market and fostering international cooperation.

After the networking lunch, the participants were given the opportunity to underscore their structure, business / technological orientations and partnerships expectations during a roundtable.


On the German side: EDI GmbH, Steinbeis Digital Mobilities Consultants, KIT/FAST Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Emmtrix Technologies GmbH, CTC cartech company GmbH, Robert Bosch GmbH, Daimler AG, FKFS Research institute of automotive engineering, NovelSense UG, Fraunhofer IAO, PTV AG Karlsruhe, Ministry of transport Baden-Württemberg.

On the French side, as member of Groupement ADAS: Sherpa Engineering, Nexyad, Intempora, Yogoko.


Last but not least, the afternoon included two international technical sessions.


Technical session 1: Conception, simulation and testing of ADAS systems
  • Sherpa: specialised in the development, testing and validation of data fusion algorithm
  • EDI GmbH: specialised in the dynamic risk management for automated vehicles
  • NEXYAD: specialised in onboard computation of Driving Risk in Real Time


Technical session 2: Embedded systems, vehicles communication and artificial intelligence
  • Intempora: specialised in mastering time coherency and execution performance in automated driving software
  • Steinbeis, digital mobilities consultants: specialised in the new business models in the context of automated vehicles
  • Yogoko: specialised in communication solutions for secure, connected & cooperative mobility


Overall, the Cooperation Day was relevant, enlightening and productive for the participating stakeholders.

From our experience, this kind of international event with a lot of exchanges and technical inputs often lead to international partnerships and business opportunities, based on synergies between participants.

Finally, the presentation of Groupement ADAS was also a good opportunity for Mov’eo to showcase one of its biggest success stories. Indeed, Groupement ADAS is made up of 14 high-technology SMEs which address road safety challenges and driving comfort needs, bringing electronic and digital innovation in vehicles. Today, thanks to the complementarity of its members (Design-Implementation-Integration), Groupement ADAS is able to provide multidisciplinary expertise and interoperable cutting-edge technologies to its customers, helping them to create and integrate new ADAS solutions in their specific environment.