Eurostars, a great opportunity for R&D-performing SMEs, universities, and research organisations

The next cut-off date for the Eurostars programme is scheduled for 3rd September. Let’s dig into this programme, co-funded by the EUREKA initiative and the European Commission, and which supports R&D-performing SMEs but also universities and research organisations.

A “bottom-up” programme dedicated to close-to-market projects

Innovative companies (<2000 employees) and academic partners need to put forward close-to-market projects, that will be selected on a “bottom-up” basis. Therefore, they may concern all technological fields, products, processes and services. Projects will last a max. of 36 months, with market uptake within 24 months.

Transnational collaborative projects to consolidate your international position

The aim is for French SMEs to engage in transnational collaborative innovation projects, within a consortium of at least 2 partners from 2 different Eurostars countries (EU Member States, South Africa, Canada, South Korea, Israel, Turkey,…). This is a great opportunity to boost your projects, but also to develop your international network and to strengthen the visibility of your company’s skills.

Eligibility criteria and co-funding rate

These projects will have to be led by a Eurostars SME, which will cover at least 50% of the project costs (excluding subcontracting). These are SMEs:

  • from 150 to 250 FTEs who devote at least 10 FTEs to R&D activities, or at least 10% of their FTEs, or 10% of their turnover.
  • less than 100 FTEs devoting at least 5 FTEs to R&D activities, or at least 10% of their FTEs, or 10% of their turnover.

In France, the selected projects will be financed by Bpifrance, according to the following terms and conditions:

  • 40% of eligible costs for Eurostars SMEs
  • 30% of eligible costs for other SMEs and companies from 250 to 2000 workers
  • 40% of full costs up to 100 000€ for laboratories and universities

R&D-performing SMEs, universities, research organisations, PME innovantes, académiques, apply to the Eurostars programme by 3rd September !