Cities of Tomorrow (June 25-27, 2019, Silicon Valley & San Francisco, USA)

If you did not know them yet, Silicon Valley Forum is a San Francisco based innovation organisation and a US partner of Mov’eo.

Sillicon Valley Forum

From 25 to 28 of February, Silicon Valley Forum has co-organised with the French Tech Hub a qualitative and business-driven immersion mission, in San Francisco’s area, in favour of 13 smart mobility startups and SMEs selected to participate in the MobiGoIn-Action US mission. Based on the evaluations received from participants and other stakeholders involved, the mission was a clear success. Thus, Mov’eo is glad to communicate on Silicon Valley Forum’s next immersion mission : “Cities of Tomorrow“.

A qualitatitve 3 days program : June 25-27, 2019

“Cities of Tomorrow” immersion program explores the regulatory and technological trends that will shape the way humans live in ever-growing and complex cities. The program will bring participants closer to Bay Area city and county officials, company representatives, entrepreneurs and investors, as they showcase their strategies and explain how policies and innovation go hand in hand.

Additionally, “Cities of Tomorrow” will include visits to both established and nascent companies as well as incubators and accelerators, bringing you the latest in technological advances and Venture Capital focus.

Strong emphasis will be put on Mobility (Day 1), Sustainability (Day 2) and Security & IoT (Day 3).


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