Dr.-Ing. Jochen Langheim elected EURIPIDES² Chairman

Paris, April 3rd, 2017 – The EURIPIDES² Board, which promotes the generation of innovative, industry-driven, pre-competitive R&D projects in Smart Electronic Systems as part of the ICT EUREKA Cluster, has unanimously elected Dr Jochen Langheim as Chairman, with a two-year mandate. Langheim will continue to serve STMicroelectronics in his current role as Vice President of Advanced Systems R&D Programs, while leading EURIPIDES².

Holding a PhD in Electric Vehicles from Aachen University, Langheim brings to the position more than 25 years in automotive electronics and a broad network of cross-industry activities. These include acting as VP of International Relations in the French cluster MOVEO, membership on automotive steering committee of EPoSS, the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems integration, and chairing the Congress on Automotive Electronics (CESA), as well as the Automotive Power Electronics (APE), two of the biggest automotive-electronics conferences organised by SIA, the French Automotive Engineers Society.

Langheim has published more than 30 papers, spoken at numerous conferences, and received prizes for his work from SIA and VDE, the German Association for Electrical, Electronic &. Information Technologies.

“I would like first to recognize Jean-Luc Maté for his devoted service to EURIPIDES² for many years. I am honoured to build on the great work of such a charismatic leader and chairman.” “To continue – and expand – the EURIPIDES² success story, the cluster will adapt, together with all Board members by exploring new opportunities, to push integration of electronic and digital systems with the support of the relevant ecosystems. Our efforts will include Europe, and will also reach out to South Korea, Canada, Turkey, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.”

Jochen Langheim, EURIPIDES² Chairman

The Board also nominated Ken Brizel as vice chairman in charge of international cooperation and SMEs. Brizel is the CEO of the Canadian company ACAMP (Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT Products) dedicated to servicing micro-nano product development in the Canadian Province of Alberta.

Recognizing his strong leadership and continued involvement in EURIPIDES², Jean-Luc Maté has been nominated “intuitu personae” honorary Chairman of EURIPIDES².





source : http://www.euripides-eureka.eu/news/73/dr-ing-jochen-langheim-elected-euripides-chairman