Rouler au GNL apparait comme une solution alternative performante aux carburants traditionnels. Les réservoirs contenant le GNL sont cependant très encombrants, avec une forme non adaptée. Ce projet vise à développer des réservoirs à GNL ...



FollowHeel est un droïde collaboratif ou autonome destiné à réaliser les livraisons intersites dans les grands ensembles industriels ou tertiaires. Il soulage ainsi les opérateurs pour leur permettre de se consacrer à des tâches à ...



Le projet ECLAIR a pour but de réaliser des tests de caractérisations et d’endurance sur des composants électriques participant pour tout ou partie à la traction électrique des véhicules particuliers. Les services développés au cours ...



Le projet consiste à développer une plateforme multicanal de dématérialisation des tickets (titres) de la mobilité urbaine (Atsukè Cloud Ticketing Platform). Avec une solution logicielle légère, autonome, hébergée dans le cloud qui permet progressivement de remplacer ...



Le projet vise à développer une plateforme ouverte de conception des véhicules autonomes. Pour accélérer les développements complexes, CIL4Sys propose une chaîne outillée d’ingénierie système agile avec la simulation en continu pendant tout le processus ...

Europe within our reach : A map of European SMEs’ comptences

  Europe within our reach : A map of European SMEs’ comptences   Pole Mov’eo and its European partners produced a map of competences bringing together 274 European SMEs of the Mobility sector.   All these SMEs are from 4 European clusters of which Pole Mov’eo takes part with Torino Wireless (Italy), BWCON (Germany) et Media […]

The international scale according to our SMEs

The international scale according to our SMEs Overview of our SMEs’ needs and interests   Since last January, Mov’eo has been  contributing to Mobility Goes International project (MobiGoIn) of which the ultimate goal is to support SMEs from 4 European clusters in going international thanks to customised support within the Smart Mobility sector.   As […]

Meet Groupement ADAS at the Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo 2017

For the third consecutive year, the Groupement ADAS will participate at the Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo. The experts in Advanced Driving Assistance Systems of Mov'eo will therefore be present from 20 to 22 June 2017 in Stuttgart to present their activities and latest developments.

New ICCar project : an accelerator for the connected car Industry

The INNOSUP initiative addresses the challenge to develop new cross-sectoral industrial value chains across the EU, by building upon the innovation potential of SMEs. The initiative was launched by the European Commission in 2015 under the H2020 programme and now introduces the first projects approved under the 2016 call. The <IMPACT> Connected Car project, where […]

Join Teedji an iOS or Android Dev

You are looking for a job? Want to get in a top of the art startup? You are motivated as never? Well, you are at the good place to join Teedji an iOS or Android Dev.Teedji is one of the current most promising startups! Now that we will soon be supported by an investment fund animated by the idea of skyrocketing our activity, we are seeking to build our primary team.  With a market aim of more than 2.5 million students in France over the next two years, and strong internationalization politics, you will participate in the success of Teedji as the first social network based on everyday commutes.

EURIPIDES² – PENTA Consortium Building Day in Barcelona – 18th May 2017

EURIPIDES² and PENTA are pleased to invite you to submit your proposal looking for prospective partners in future consortia. Your presentation file must be emailed by Tuesday 18th April, 2017 . Presentation slots are LIMITED so please submit your proposal as soon as possible!